“A Proven Process”

Over the long haul, the greatest value we provide comes from our on-going, expert attention to a well-conceived, well-orchestrated plan of benefit management. Here’s a brief look at the steps involved:

Every Company is Distinct – And we Listen!

Each company has their own special priorities and challenges. In order to understand your business and recommend the most appropriate solutions, we follow a specific process – one that starts with listening to your needs and then developing a strategic plan. This careful, analytical process is a vital factor in how we strive to satisfy and serve you.

Evaluate Your Company

Before making any recommendations, we first learn about your company’s operation, corporate goals, risk tolerance and financial objectives. We review your objectives and current Employee Benefit Programs to determine the most suitable strategy for meeting your short and long-term goals.

Examine Existing Programs and Design a Strategy

We evaluate your exposures versus your current plan to discover any deficiencies or overlapping coverage. We then develop an insurance plan that captures the right combination of traditional, nontraditional and/or self-funded components to meet your needs.

Analyze Suitable Markets

We work with only the highest rated carriers and vendors. We determine which carriers and/or vendors would best fit the specifics you are looking for in your Benefit Program.

Request for Proposal & Evaluation

We will prepare and complete a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) for all desired lines of coverage. As a sophisticated buyer in the Employee Benefit marketplace, we enjoy long-standing relationships with major carriers. These relationships allow us to negotiate aggressively and obtain cost efficient proposals. We meticulously evaluate all carrier and plan options, preparing a detailed side by side plan and rate analysis, which highlights our findings as well as our recommendations. We work with you to evaluate our proposal of viable alternatives and determine which benefit plan(s) best fits your needs.

Implement Your Benefit Programs

We work with your in-house personnel to implement the benefit programs with the selected vendors, and assure a smooth transition. We complete all the necessary paperwork, contracts, applications, financials that may be required by the carriers and vendors that you choose to partner with. We work side by side with your employees to ensure all enrollments/changes to their benefit plans are recorded correctly with the carriers and the payroll system matches the benefits elected.

Provide Proactive Follow-up Service

Our services are not just a “once a year” process. We will continually research and monitor updates in the insurance industry and if there are changes or recommendations we feel relevant to your corporation or employees, we will discuss with you throughout the year. Our proactive follow-up service includes regular review sessions to ensure that each of your programs remains in line with your short and long-term goals. We actively pursue the resolution of any and all service issues with all of the vendors.

Monitor the Insurance Industry and Evolving Legislation

We monitor the insurance industry and federal and state legislation so that we can advise you about changes that may affect your programs. As your Benefit Consultant, we help you understand and react to existing laws as well as evolving legislation, and human resources updates.

We continuously monitor the insurance industry and evolving legislation on an on-going basis. We keep you informed about any developments that may affect your program, and recommend changes if appropriate.